Bakuriani is a small village and ski resort in Borjomi, Georgia.  It is located on the northern slope of Trialeti Range, at  1,700 meters high above sea level. The Closest international airport is in Tbilisi (approx. 185 km, 3 hours’ drive).

       In Bakuriani competitions will be hosted at two different venues, based on different locations (approx. 20 min drive by car): Bakuriani-Didveli and Kokhta-Mitarbi.

Elevation : 

  • Bakuriani 1700 m / 5567 ft
  • Kokhta Mountain 2157 m / 7076 ft
  • Mitarbi Mountain 2207 m / 7240 ft
  • Didveli Mountain – 2702 m / 8864 ft

Bakuriani-Didveli consists of two stadiums and each stadium shares finish area for five courses. Kokhta-Mitarbi has one stadium and two courses with a shared Finish area.