In May 2018, at the 51st Ski Congress of the International Ski Federation at the resort of Costa Navarino in Greece, it was officially announced that Georgia will host the 2023 Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championship. The championship will be held in Bakuriani in 2023 under the auspices of FIS. It should be noted that Georgia is one of the 14 countries that won the right to host the Freestyle Championship. This success is the result of the joint efforts and tireless work of the Government of Georgia, the Georgian Ski Federation and the Mountain Resorts Development Company. Until 2023, the Georgian side is obliged to host the World and European test events of all (FIS) Freestyle disciplines.

In July 2019, with the support of the Government of Georgia, foreign experts Hello Haas and Martin Fiala inspected the skiing tracks and positively assessed the work of the Georgian side. Both parties shared their future plans, which was followed by a positive feedback of the development prospects of winter resorts in Georgia by foreign experts. Foreign partners are actively involved in the preparatory processes for 2023 in Gudauri and Bakuriani.

In February 2018 Bakuriani hosted a test event in Ski Cross under the auspices of the International Ski Federation (FIS).  Georgian, Austrian, Czech, Slovak, Kazakh and Australian skiers participated in the competition. The international Ski Cross competition was held in Georgia for the first time. Ski cross is one of the disciplines of Freestyle, in which four athletes compete on one track at the same time.

In March 2019, Gudauri (FIS) hosted the Europa Cup in Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross. 150 athletes from 15 countries took part in the competitions. Snowboard Cross competition is held on the same principle as Ski Cross competition, only with different skating equipment and length of the skiing track.

In 2020, FIS World Cup test events were held in parallel snowboarding and in parallel giant slalom in Gudauri. In a parallel slalom competition, two athletes run on the track at the same time. When competing in slalom, athletes make turns between control alms and compete with each other in accuracy and speed. A giant slalom is a type of slalom whose track is longer than that of a classic slalom.

In 2021, the Ski Cross World Cup test event was held in Bakuriani. Georgia hosted the competition from February 26th to February 28th. On the same season Bakuriani also hosted FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup test event.  Athletes from around 15 countries competed on the slopes of one of Georgia’s most popular winter resorts, Bakuriani.

In 2022 , Bakuriani hosted FIS Freeski & Snowboard Slopestyle World cupds. Before the WC the resort hosted one more important event, Parallel Giant Slalom Europa Cup in Snowboard. Hosting all three events was one more  important step with the arrival of 2023.

Georgian Ski Federation, together with the main sponsor Silknet, has been trying for many years to support Georgian skiers, both financially and by creating convenient environment for their development. Thanks to the GSF, over the last 30 years, winter sports have significantly improved in Georgia.

The main goal of GSF and Silknet is to involve as many children as possible in the sport of skiing, which will be further promoted by world-class events planned in Georgia.

Hosting World Championships in Bakuriani and Gudauri is one of the most important events and achievements for our country, which contributes not only to the economic development of these resorts, but also to the refinement of winter sports, the promotion of healthy lifestyle and the development of tourism and infrastructure.

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